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    Shop Online on any eMarketplaces like TaoBao.
    Shenzhen warehouse address and member ID

  • 2 Parcel Forecast

    Users to fill in all necessary parcel details on this platform to prepare our team to receive your parcels.

  • 3 Arrived in CN Warehouse

    Parcel quality check and all necessary measurements are conducted within the China warehouse.

  • 4 Shipment Confirmation

    Repackaging and consolidation happens at this stage before the shipping fee is generated for the payment by the user.
    Pay Shipping fee online

  • 5 Your shipment is on the way!

    Your parcel is now being shipped from China to your doorstep.

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* Shows estimated amount, final price subjected to changes.

Country Currency Tax Exemption Amount
Indonesia USD 75
Malaysia RM 500
Vietnam VND 100 Ten Thousand
Singapore SGD 400
Cambodia KHR According to customs policy

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VIP Consolidation System

Online submission of parcels, digital payment, price calculator, online transactions, address restrictions

Exclusive Warehouse

eGoChina Warehouse Address

End-to-end Tracking

Quick view order details, delivery progress, etc.

Expedited urgent delivery order

Purchasing orders more than 3 days has not be shipped, can be urged to ship here

After-sale service application

Parcel not received, less or damaged items, assist in inquiring logistics

E-Wallet Function

Check account balance, consumption record, balance top-up

Why eGoChina?

First mile transport by air, last mile delivery included
Quick customs clearance, efficient claims, simple and hassle-free
Provide warehouse receive the goods, Real-time monitoring the status of package   
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